The plan for Walnut Street Park emerged from a community-based planning and design process.  In addition to addressing community needs, the 11 acre park is also an artistic collaboration and a sustainable response to the site’s constraints. 

The plan provides a balance of recreation opportunities as well as activities for all ages with a strong focus on preservation of the natural environment.  A central pedestrian promenade organizes and connects park elements, defines areas of play and connects the parking area to the corner park entry.  The pedestrian promenade is also a public art installation.  The promenade incorporates the work of public artist Barbara Grygutis.  Intricate vine patterns which blossom in a plaza area at the north end of the promenade is entitled “The Imaginary Garden Walk”. 

The park also includes two playgrounds, one for older children and one for younger children, open space for flexible play, picnic areas, and a loop trail.  The park preserves the natural environment by bridging a stream corridor / wetland area and preserving the largest trees on site.  A rain garden treats storm water from the parking lot.